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L carnitine- a substance that scientists and doctors have been arguing about for more than a hundred years. It is a derivative of two amino acids and enters the body with food. The food supplement is used in medicine and sports for different purposes. Many functions of the body depend on this substance. Initially, it was believed that the supplement allows you to quickly get rid of excess fat, which has been proven by numerous athletes, but scientists refute it. In fact, l-carnitin is involved in all prices in the body. With a sufficient amount of a substance, a person’s endurance increases, recovery processes are faster, tone and mood increase. Scientists have nevertheless proven an indirect effect on adipose tissue. Once in the bloodstream, carnitine reacts with fats, oxidizing them. This in turn helps fats to be quickly converted into energy. Thus, taking additionallyamino acids , you can increase energy potential, get rid of fatigue, and lose weight, and also recover quickly after exercise. L-carnitine in foods is not enough, which is not enough for people with an active lifestyle. To normalize the amino acid balance, you need to additionally take liquid L – carnitine or in tablets, the effect will not change. Can be combined with other additives and products of any type.

What is the difference between l carnitine and a fat burner

Each person, faced with the choice of means for losing weight, does not understand what is better to buy. Professional athletes, thanks to experience, know what and when to take, but for beginners it is difficult to make a choice. L carnitine for weight loss or fat burners, which is better and safer during weight loss, this is the main thing that worries athletes and amateurs.

When choosing a sports supplement for weight loss, it is very important to pay attention not only to the price and composition, but also to contraindications. For most obese people, they can do more harm than good, since the body with a large weight has a number of chronic diseases.
l-carnitine for weight loss

After analyzing all the information about different types of fat burners and L-carnitine, we can conclude that losing weight on L-carnitine is the safest, but time-consuming method. Fat burners, on the other hand, act quickly, but are not suitable for everyone, as they can cause various disorders in the body.

If a safe method suits you, you need to study all the nuances of use before the course and adjust the dosage according to the parameters of the body. L- Carnitine should be drunk before exercise, this is very important as it will require a lot of strength and energy during exercise. Due to the effect of the substance on the energy level, the athlete increases the load, the weight goes away, and a visible result appears.

How to take L carnitine

The dosage of the drug will depend on the individual characteristics of the organism, as well as related factors (load, nutrition, goal). Before starting the course, you need to know how many liters of carnitine you need per day. The body contains on average up to 25 g of the substance. A person consumes up to 0.5 L-carnitine per day. Athletes who experience exhausting loads lose up to 2 g. It follows from this that the need for a substance is different for each person, which means that the dosage is calculated according to individual characteristics.

To maintain the tone of the body and during weight loss, you need to take a standard dose of the drug between meals. If the diet for the purpose of losing weight is supplemented by intense training, you need to supplement the intake with another portion of the substance 30 minutes before the start of the load. Many keep fit with the help of magic pills without training, pay attention to maintain, not lose weight.

Drinking L carnitine at night is not recommended, as it can provoke insomnia. The release form matters. When choosing this vitamin, you need to pay attention to the convenience and speed of absorption of the substance. Taking l carnitine in slimming capsules allows the substance to be fully absorbed. Another main advantage of capsules is the absence of additional additives in the composition. If a person has allergies, it is better for him to opt for capsules.

Taking Liquid L-Carnitine is a good solution for those who value time. Unlike powder, it does not need to be dissolved in water; it can be purchased in syrup or bottled. Convenient to take with you. It is absorbed faster than tablets and powder, but not completely. Some of the substances are nevertheless destroyed.

Important! To maximize the benefits of L-carnitine supplementation, a diet appropriate to the goal should be followed. Without diet and physical activity, it will not be possible to achieve rapid weight loss.

Who needs l carnitine and who is contraindicated

L-carnitine is a universal food supplement, without which the body cannot function normally. An ordinary person has enough substance that comes from food. In other cases, you need to additionally take the supplement in courses:

  • Professional athletes and amateurs who load the body to the maximum during training.
  • For bodybuilders and fitness industry representatives.
  • People with diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • Patients with low immunity, in the postoperative period.
  • People who lead an active lifestyle.
  • After a psychological overload.
  • Obese patients.
  • In the complex therapy of diabetes mellitus.

L carnitine is useful for women who look after not only their health, but also their appearance. Thanks to the properties of the substance, while taking it, a woman can lose weight, improve her complexion, the structure of the skin, hair and nails. For men, these are additional pills to normalize the work of all organs and systems, including the genital area.

If you decide to take a course with this tool, it is important to visit a specialist and get a full consultation. It is important to remember that even the most harmless substance can cause side effects. Contraindications to vitamin intake can be:

  • pregnancy;
  • lactation period;
  • intolerance to the substance;
  • allergy;
  • chronic gastrointestinal diseases (with caution);
  • epilepsy.

The effect on the body of the vitamin has been verified by numerous studies, but scientists still have questions about possible side effects. Do not ignore the visit to the doctor, it is he who will be able to answer whether you should start taking the drug.

l-carnitine for professional athletes