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The push-up is one of the basic functional training exercises. And if in school at the physical education lesson you did not have time to sufficiently familiarize yourself with this exercise, then in crossfit with push-ups you will be on your “you”.

Crossfit push-up training takes a special place for its versatility, because this exercise can be performed anywhere, anytime. There are many variations of push-ups, from simpler to harder. Therefore, regardless of whether you are a beginner in CrossFit or an experienced athlete, the coach will always be able to please you with WOD push-ups to match your form.


  • push-ups with emphasis on the knees;
  • classic (clean);
  • push-ups-off;
  • with a jump from the floor (both on the hands and completely);
  • with cotton;
  • push-ups on fists, fingers, the outer part of the hands, etc.;
  • push-ups on one hand;
  • push-ups from a bench, pedestal, bar, on low-hanging rings, etc.

Types of push-ups

Push-ups allow you to pump and strengthen the upper shoulder girdle well, using the muscles of the chest, abs, and triceps, therefore they are often inserted into the WOD, and also used to warm up the muscles during the warm-up.

At the initial stage of mastering push-ups, beginners can perform the simplest option – push-ups with emphasis on the knees. You can also reduce the load by changing the position of the body. For example, in a pedestal or low bar push-up, the load on the shoulder girdle will be less.

As the muscles strengthen, the athlete moves on to classic (clean) push-ups. More advanced athletes complicate this exercise with weights or with tempo, jumping on their hands, clapping their hands in the air, and other tricks.

push-ups strengthening muscles


Despite the fact that push-ups are performed mainly under the load of their own weight, they allow you to build muscle mass in the arms and chest. By changing the position of the arms in push-ups, you can focus on pumping different muscles: the wider the arms, the greater the load on certain pectoral muscles, if you put your arms down, more triceps work. Find your sweet spot and polish your body.

In CrossFit, the so-called off push-ups are very often used. This version of the exercise involves a small separation of the palms from the floor in the lower position (the body lies completely on the floor), followed by the transition to the lying position and back.

In addition to crossfit floor push-ups, you will also be doing hoop and handstand push-ups. Push-ups on the rings are a difficult type of exercise, since they have to be performed on an unstable support. Standing push-ups also require a certain technique and the willingness of your hands to withstand the load while standing upside down. Therefore, you should start mastering rings and push-ups in a rack only under the supervision of a trainer, starting with the lead exercises.

And finally, a few WODs with push-ups that will make you sweat a lot.



  • handstand push-ups;
  • push-ups on the rings;
  • pushups.

Objective: to complete 3 circles with a certain number of repetitions in each in the minimum time. That is, we do everything in the first circle 21 times, the second – all 15 times, 3 – 9 times.

WOD № 3:


  • push-ups off;
  • sumo kettlebell thrust.

Objective: to complete in the shortest possible time. Sumo Row – Kettlebell pull from the floor to the chin in a stance with legs wide apart.

WOD № 4:

  • 10 push-ups;
  • 10 air squats;
  • 10 sit-up (press)

Objective: complete 6 rounds in the minimum time.


  • 100 pull-ups;
  • 100 push-ups;
  • 100 press;
  • 100 squats.

Challenge: invest in 30 minutes.

hand push-ups