May 21, 2021 Off By Oliver Lester
Oddly enough, being overweight for a woman often becomes the main “stop” before visiting a fitness club. Many women fear that exercise can be harmful to health, so they avoid physical activity. In this  we tried to figure out whether fitness is safe for obese women and where to start exercising with such a “diagnosis”.

The first and most important thing in the matter of completeness is to conduct an objective assessment of physical fitness. This can be done through professional fitness testing, which will show the ratio of fat to muscle mass. And you can calculate your personal Body Mass Index and classify yourself into one of the categories from underweight to obesity stage III. Then you can, for example, study fitness for overweight.

“For the effectiveness and safety of training for overweight women, I, first of all, recommend to understand what caused the weight gain,” says Sergey Balin, a personal trainer . – If we are dealing with a hormonal disorder, it is very important to take a blood test for hormones before starting training and consult an endocrinologist. If the weight gain occurred due to low physical activity, it is important to understand whether the person had any injuries or problems with the cardiovascular system. If all this is taken into account, you can smoothly start training. ”

Smoothness, according to Sergei, consists of several aspects:

  1. Light weight training;
  2. Performing exercises with limited amplitude;
  3. Frequent body weight work and minimization of shock loading;
  4. Use of fitball and bodybar as the main auxiliary trainers;
  5. Extended pauses between sets (up to 1.5 minutes);
  6. High-quality warm-up and cool down on cardio equipment;
  7. Mandatory adherence to the drinking regime in the fitness club and throughout the day.

“Overweight women can be harmed by excessively intense and uncontrolled loads. Therefore, to improve the effectiveness of training, you should seek advice from a personal trainer, and it is better to conduct several individual sessions. After all, a lot depends on a competent and correctly drawn up program, – says Sergey. – For example, it is very important to monitor the pulse, the state of health, the reaction to a gradual increase in load.

In addition, I would like to emphasize that you cannot exhaust yourself with rigid diets along with training. In this case, the body can react in an inverse proportion, and we will not only not lose weight, but also undermine our health, ”warns  trainer.

If you have never worked out in a gym, then we recommend reading our guide. We wish you great training!