May 20, 2021 Off By Oliver Lester

CrossFit uses what is called “carrying”, or “Carrying” – this is lifting a kettlebell, or barbell and holding it.


To perform, you need to have tremendous strength and developed coordination. The number of approaches performed must be calculated taking into account the physical condition and your weight. Before starting a workout, check that the pancakes are well fixed on the dumbbells and barbells. Exercising with a kettlebell requires well-coordinated work of the whole body. You can strengthen your back and arm muscles. Always practice safety when doing kettlebell and barbell exercises to avoid injury.



Talk to your trainer about where to start so as not to harm your health. First, knead all the muscles well, do gymnastics. It is possible to carry out “delivery” with a barbell or with a kettlebell. For a start, take weights with a small weight, so as not to overstrain, because any unusual load on the muscles can harm them. Take a kettlebell, or barbell with one hand and lift it up. It is best to grab objects with the weaker hand first. Keep your body straight and balance. Holding the kettlebell on an outstretched straight arm, sit down, keep your body straight, take another kettlebell with your other hand, and bend it at the elbow, bring it to your shoulder and straighten. Stand upright, fix the position of your body for a couple of seconds, then slowly lower the kettlebells to your shoulders, and then slowly lower them to the floor.