What is a gainer?

What is a gainer?

July 3, 2021 Off By Oliver Lester

What is a gainer and what is it for? – the main question of novice athletes and people who have decided to lead an active lifestyle. Gainers are versatile supplements for gaining weight and accelerating muscle growth. They are used not only in professional sports, but also among people who want to transform their own body. Until now, there are a lot of myths about these additives about the harm to the body, but all of them have not been confirmed by the scientific world. Numerous athletes speak positively about sports nutrition, noting its effectiveness and safety. Weight gainers differ in properties, action and calorie content. All funds of this type have many positive qualities:

  • Provide a high rate of muscle recruitment;
  • Increase the flow of energy during exercise;
  • Increase the strength capabilities of athletes;
  • Restore the body after serious stress;
  • Improves metabolism;
  • Saturate the body with useful substances;
  • Increase endurance;
  • Slows down the process of muscle breakdown.

A complex carbohydrate gainer allows you to get rid of hunger and maintain energy levels for a long time. Note that high calorie supplements are not suitable for weight loss. A weight gainer for a girl is the best option to gain the required muscle volume. It is important to know that weight gainers contain protein and carbohydrates with a minimum of fat and empty calories. Unlike regular food, carbohydrate-containing mixtures are quickly absorbed, do not cause a feeling of heaviness and quickly saturate the body with energy. It must be remembered that taking carbohydrate mixtures without physical activity will give a completely different effect. Instead of muscle in this case, there is a chance to increase the amount of body fat. Be careful when choosing sports nutrition.
How to use a muscle gainer

What is better protein or gainer?

Gainer and protein are two completely different supplements. Before you buy one of them, it is important to understand the composition and basic properties. The two products differ primarily in composition and purpose of use:

  • A good gainer consists of high quality carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, and a small amount of protein. A gainer is used in the case when a person needs a large amount of calories, to replenish that with the help of products it is not possible.
  • Protein is a low-calorie supplement consisting of pure protein without fat or carbohydrates. It is used during weight loss and for gaining muscle mass. Saturates the body with a sufficient amount of protein without stressing it. The most popular type of product is protein isolate. Athletes are more likely to include it in their diet.

Weight gainers differ in calories. Some foods contain up to 80% carbohydrates. Cannot be used by people who are overweight. It should be noted that sports nutrition cannot replace a full meal, only supplement the diet. When choosing, it is very important to analyze the composition, the smaller and more natural it is, the better for the body.

How to use gainers correctly?

Gainers are available from a variety of manufacturers. Not only the composition, but also the quality of the product depends on the brand. Even knowing the components and taking into account the purpose, it is not always possible to buy the right sports nutrition. If an athlete really wants to achieve good results, you need to carefully choose the dosage and take into account the individual characteristics of the organism. How to drink a weight gainer? This question is asked by beginners who do not yet understand all the intricacies. Before your course, study your own diet to get the right amount of calories without fat. The gainer should be drunk three times a day, taking into account physical activity:

  • 1 reception – a portion should be drunk after breakfast in the morning. Such a refueling of the body will increase the flow of energy, help to overcome the whole day without fatigue.
  • Meal 2 – Serve 30 minutes before training. This will increase the energy level, increase endurance during heavy loads.
  • Reception 3 – after a grueling workout, a carbohydrate pit comes in 60 minutes, the body needs a refueling. At this point, you need to eat well and drink another portion of any type of gainer.

To get a cocktail from a powder mixture, you need to properly dilute it. The product can be combined with water, juice and milk. Those who do not yet know how to drink a gainer with milk should know some of the nuances. Milk is rich in nutrients and protein. The combination of a carbohydrate mixture with milk allows you to accelerate the effect of muscle recruitment, gives the drink a pleasant creamy taste.

You can drink carbohydrate cocktails in a course without additional funds or combine them with other additives (creatine, protein, amino acids, l-carnitine , arginine). The Creatine Gainer is the best solution for fast muscle gain. Creatine has a positive effect on the entire body and enhances the effect of the gainer. It is important to remember that creatine products cannot be used for more than 1 month, you need to take breaks for up to 5 weeks.
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