May 20, 2021 Off By Oliver Lester


Place your feet shoulder-width apart, with your toes turned outward. Distribute the entire body weight evenly between the toe and heel. Look straight ahead, keep your back straight, with your pelvis pulled back. Perform squats so that the body is kept straight. Keep your knees parallel to your toes. When performing hips, lower below the knees, so you achieve maximum tension in all muscles. Keeping your arms up will help keep your balance. Stand with the weight on your heels. At first, do the exercises several times a day with few sets. Increase the load with each one.

air squats



When doing air squats in CrossFit, you need to adhere to the basic rules that will help you achieve the desired result. Check out some of them:

  • Do not straighten your lower back while exercising. It should bend a little.
  • Keep your entire body weight on your heels. Lower your hips low, but do not touch your heels. While squatting, keep your hips below the kneecaps, while keeping your knees above your toes. To maintain a straight back position, a look in front of you and a raised chin will help you.
  • Keep your torso upright, do not lean forward.
  • Keep your hands in front of you to maintain balance.
    Control the depth of your squats. Place something under your buttocks.

Do air squats systematically and you will see results in a few weeks.