May 21, 2021 Off By Oliver Lester

According to the creator of CrossFit, Californian Greg Glassman, squatting with a barbell on extended arms is the most unique exercise of all possible, because its effectiveness is much higher than that of other tasks for the development of muscles. Glassman believes that this is the central task around which you need to build your training.

To properly squat with a barbell over your head, you need to be flexible, strong and good balance. This exercise miraculously develops the latent abilities of the human body to radiate incredible physical strength.

People who are close to CrossFit believe that these squats are like a gem, the very essence of physical fitness. It transfers energy from large parts of the body to small ones in a completely unique way, and this is the essence of sport.


  • speed is developing;
  • muscle power increases;
  • muscles that extend the hips and knees get a good load;
  • the muscles of the shoulder and triceps perceive this load especially well.

The barbell squat is an indispensable tool for every athlete looking to excel in CrossFit.

The sport’s mastermind says that there is no other exercise as effective as the overhead squat.

An interesting fact is that different athletes treat this exercise radically differently. If for experienced crossfitters it is indispensable in training, then beginners treat it rather coolly, it is physically very difficult for them to do it. Athletes are often annoyed with this part of the workout, too. The reason for this is the wrong technique for performing the exercise.

There are three main reasons that prevent athletes from performing an overhead barbell exercise normally:

  • There is no specialized training. Glassman thinks that most of the commonly used pre-instructions for this exercise are ridiculous and don’t really feel at all.
  • Incorrect squatting. To perform this exercise effectively, the main thing is to learn how to sit with a barbell correctly so as not to harm your muscles.
  • Great weight. Many heavyweight athletes who are very strong cannot squat normally due to their body weight.

crossfit overhead squat


a) The first rule – during this exercise, you need to keep your back and head in an even position, and your feet should be completely on the floor. In this case, the weight of the entire foot should be distributed evenly.

b) When an athlete is just starting to do this exercise, the barbell should be lifted from the floor with one jerk. The grip should be wide and the legs should be shoulder-width apart or even wider. The barbell at this time is over the head on outstretched arms.

c) When the weight is already over the head, the shoulders are pulled back. In this case, the back should be straight, the body bent forward, and ready to be on the same straight line with the vertebra.

d) The ascent should be started at the extreme point of the movement below. Bringing your hips forward slightly, you need to try to strain your abs. This is a strength task, so you need to watch your heels so that they are properly positioned on the floor.

e) At the end of the exercise, take a deep breath of air with your entire chest and reduce the speed of the exercise.