5 motivating reasons to start fitness

5 motivating reasons to start fitness

July 24, 2021 Off By Oliver Lester

We all know from an early age that sport has a positive effect on the human body, but many people lack the motivation to train. And few people know exactly what benefits i brings. Meanwhile, fitness helps not only in gaining a beautiful figure, but also includes a whole set of exercises aimed at developing the hidden reserves of the human body.

5 motivating reasons to help you become better

So, why is it worth starting sports training and what are the benefits?

  • Reason 1: health is the source of life

No matter how hackneyed it sounds, but first of all, fitness is aimed at improving the body. Exercise is great for both health promotion and recovery: after injuries, surgeries, or previous illnesses.

Start exercising regularly and very soon you will notice:

  • improvement of well-being;
  • a surge of cheerfulness;
  • renewed sleep quality and many other benefits of exercise.

And all this happens due to the saturation of muscles and internal organs with oxygen.

  • Reason 2: Resilience to stress is the key to calmness.

In our age, a constant lack of time prevails. In order to have time to accomplish our plans or to fulfill the instructions of our superiors: we run around the planned places all day, we are sprayed on endless things, we are in continuous nervous tension, and, in the end, we fall into depression. Do you understand how important it is, in connection with all this, to have stress resistance?

Fitness is a great helper for developing resistance to the attacks of such a harsh and fickle world. Physical exercise helps to train psychological resilience, teaches you to set goals and priorities competently, which contributes to invulnerability to stress.

  • Reason 3: endorphins – boost your happiness and control your weight.

Endorphins are one of the neurotransmitters that the human brain produces on its own. They are also called the “happiness hormone”. A simple conclusion can be drawn: with exercise, you become happier.

Endorphins not only give an elevated mood, but also suppress cortisol – “stress hormone”, control appetite. The hormone of happiness works as a fuse, activating hunger exactly when you really need a recharge. At the same time, control is not only over overeating, but also over malnutrition. Start exercising and you will be able to achieve your ideal weight, regardless of your body constitution.

  • Reason 4: self-improvement is the path to finding your true self

5 motivating reasons 3Physical exercise is associated with overcoming weaknesses, knowing your capabilities, reassessing values ​​and many others, which builds character.

Systematic training:

– have a beneficial effect on self-discipline;
– help to train the will;
– give self-confidence.

In other words: start practicing and develop a strong personality. And what can motivate better than the opportunity to gain independence and self-confidence?

  • Reason 5: beautiful appearance – create yourself.

Agree, the word ” fitness ” speaks for itself, evoking associations: with grace, a toned figure and exciting flexibility. Well, who would refuse such a thing? Get into fitness, and you will have it all.

This list contains just five motivating reasons to go in for fitness , but each person can (and should) have their own and differ from the above. Whatever motivation you choose for yourself, one thing is one: being in good physical shape is undoubtedly something that always delights.

Thanks to complex training, you can develop such properties of the body as:

– plastic;

– coordination of movements;

– endurance;

– force;

– speed, etc.

And most importantly, exercise is available to every age group, regardless of health status.

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